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Hostname Rencorner
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 4 / 40
Location United States of America
Map Rencorner
Registered by jks101
Registered since July 9th, 2014 10:56 AM EST
Last update March 1st, 2024 12:04 PM EST
Theme Other
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About This Server

• Version 1.4.4.X (All Platforms)
• Classic & Journey characters can both join!
• Great Community - A very friendly base who will surely welcome you upon your arrival to the server!
• Free Items - Get as many of your favorite items as you want with /item or from our Quick Chests room at /warp qc or /warp item (room shown below)!
• Free Build - You can build anywhere in the world that isn't already protected, or in the dedicated building areas!
• Protections - Protect your builds with /house define - Hit the top left and bottom right blocks of your house, then hit the center and you're done!
• Staff - Interact, have fun and ask questions to the friendly, mature and trained staff members here at! With Administrators with over 7 years' experience and formal training, you're guaranteed to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience!

Unique Gameplay Elements:
Economy - RenCorner has two separate player-economies, one revolving around server-platinum, and the other based on event-currency. You earn currency for playtime on the server, PvP, PvE, events, voting and more! These economies are the foundation of the following gameplay elements:

Custom Weapons - With well over 130 unique Custom Weapons in total, you can experience combat, both PvE and PvP alike, in a whole new light!

Enchantments - Custom Weapons weren't cool enough? Fear not, Enchantments are like Custom Weapons, but on steroids, but also have much more to offer! The possibilities are near endless: On-Hit Procs/Reactions, auto-spawning projectiles when enemies are close by, life-steal, healing other players automatically in a radius, and so, so much more! Gungnir Enchantment Showcase!

Ranks - As VIP member (free to get with a > 99% acceptance rate!), you can: play around with exclusive commands, pick a server-class/specialization, rank up 40+ times, unlocking more: commands, Custom Weapons, bonus health and mana, server enchantments, and more, with each and every rank up! There are a total of 120 unique VIP ranks — 40 per class!

Multi-Server Chat - All messages sent by everyone by default are sent to all other servers, you're never alone! If you want a little privacy in your chat, just switch the mode from global to local with /chat!

Discord BOT/Integration - Custom discord bot where you can link your in-game account and your discord account, then level up on our discord too!

Survival (Coming Sooner) - If you'd just like to play some casual survival with some friends, then you've come to the right place. We will also have a survival server completely separate from our others! If progressing too quickly is a concern, don't worry! We have it covered: Every month a progression wall opens up! For example: Month 1 = Progression up to WoF. Month 2 = Up To Mechanical Bosses, etc. This guarantees you have plenty of time to catch up to everyone else, regardless of your schedule!

Events (Coming Later) - Do you like MMOs? RPGS? MMORPGS? Our lead creative designer does as well and is determined to release full-scale player-raid styled events, complete with dungeons so large they require another server to be hosted in, and bosses so ruthless the death counter at the end of the raid will be well into the high hundreds!

• CustomPvP - Sick of always dying in two hits? Don't like the current PvP Meta? Try CustomPvP! Fight with as many normal or Custom Weapons & Server Enchantments as your heart desires in the dedicated /cpvp arena! Your health is multiplied by 8 in order to increase the scale and duration of the battles!
• FairPvP - Engage in regulated PvP with numerous itembans and a dedicated arena at /warp fairpvp to fight for glory and gain server-side currency!
(Major revisions coming to FairPvP soon!!)

Our Quick Chests Room:

Apply for VIP! You can also apply through our Discord (Faster)!

Server Video