EDF Terraria 1.4 - Journey Mode - contact for password

Address edf.k.vu:7777
Hostname EDF Terraria 1.4 - Journey
Status Checked <1 minute ago
Players 4 / 32
Location Canada
Map EDF_Terraria_1.4_-_passworded
Website https://s.team/chat/h5J3dTv2
Registered by Yoodiv
Registered since May 15th, 2020 07:13 PM EST
Last update June 1st, 2020 06:54 PM EST
Theme Other
Tag(s) Expert Freebuild Normal Password PvE Survival Vanilla

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Terraria 1.4: Journey's End is released, and EDF Terraria has returned!

We already have a good playerbase and certainly don't 'need' more players, so if you are just looking for any old server, move along.

If you still want to join, contact through the Steam group ( https://s.team/chat/h5J3dTv2 ). You may have to wait a while since there are other people trying to get in here, and I'm not taking applications as a full time job!
(1) read and agree with EVERYTHING below.
(2) send a private message to me (Yoodiv) or Endimyonn on the Steam group
(3) if Steam won't let you send us a message, add one of us as friend.

The following rules may be modified as we learn more about Journey and Master modes!

About the server:
No mods. Vanilla Terraria 1.4 in a Journey map on Master difficulty!
Mature players that play regularly preferred
Intentionally slow-paced world-progression to support those who have lives outside of Terraria
Perfect for those who like to build/explore/take their time/fish.
There are rules to enforce this play-style and make sure everyone has fun, read on...

More details:
Read and follow all of these rules, or you will be removed.
Online 24/7 with 1000Mbit internet connection, always lag-free.
Unobtainable items (like crimson) will be available by trading in an equivalent. Ask an admin.

-new characters only, that you only use here.
-No importing items - EVER
-you must be able to speak English well-enough to effectively communicate
-regular Terraria client only. No cheating/hacking/duping etc of any kind - instant ban.
-if you encounter a player/item breaking the rules, tell an admin and try to determine how it happened/who did it
-join Pink team so we can all wormhole to each other for convenience
-intentionally slow-paced gameplay will be enforced, to support players who can't spend hours/day playing.

-Currently: Golem is down! Don't go for Cultists yet. And as always - build, explore, mine, etc!
-Don't summon bosses unless you have 2-3 people prepared to fight it. It prevents others from using pylons, and often gets players & NPCs killed.
-dig up tombstones so the map doesn't turn into a graveyard (except in intentional graveyards)
-leave the area around the central Forest town flat and unobstructed for running and combat during events
-no "valid NPC housing" allowed, except near Pylon Towns, to keep the NPCs together and accessible to everyone
-We are fully using Journey Mode so all the items we have unlocked are freely shared with each other. That doesn't mean I'm going to let you in just because you want to loot some stuff, though.
-Items you need to accumulate a bunch of, please give to Yoodiv or Endimyonn until they are fully researched. For example, rare food items like coffee. Once this is done for an individual item, you'll be able to have as many as you want!
-No leaving empty/partial chests. No looting the main stuff from chests and leaving the rest. Pick it up and bring it back to town. Nobody wants their metal detector to lead them to a chest of water walking potions and glowsticks, or even worse, an empty one. Clear your inventory and pick it up.
-The public and Spawn will have gear to help you get started. Ask an admin or other players. Don't be impatient, and please contribute.
-Contribute to placing torches around, and try to avoid leaking liquids that would extinguish them. Ultrabright/Ichor/Cursed are available.
-Torch rule may be changing now that there's "Torch Luck"!
-Others will be happy to help you, but only if you're also contributing.

tShock is now updating for 1.4 and a pre-release is currently running. There may be some issues because of this - let me know!
-no other mods. tShock is used for designating other admins, region protection, /spawn, /home, and not much else.
-protected regions available to build/store stuff safely, even if some griefers sneak in. Ask an admin.