Pedguin's Minigame Server

Pedguin's Minigame Server
Hostname Pedguin's Minigame Server
Status Checked 3 minutes ago
Players 80 / 99999
Location United Kingdom
Map Pedguin's Minigame Server
Registered by Penguin_Games_Server_Team
Registered since January 20th, 2016 11:18 AM EST
Last update March 6th, 2021 08:58 PM EST
Theme Other
Tag(s) CTF Economy Minigames PvE PvP SSC Survival TShock

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Vote(s) 753
Rank 1
Score 1245
Favorited 337
Discussion(s) 38

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Welcome to Pedguin’s Minigame Server!
We're one of the world's only Terraria servers with no player cap. Multiple hundreds of players online without lag? We can do that. Just come on and join!
You’ll have many friends in short time here!
We welcome you to have fun here at this server by joining the home of many minigames, such as:

Capture the Gem : In this game mode, you pick a class, and you fight the opposite team to capture their gem! Basically capture the flag, but with this game mode, you start out by picking one of the 16 classes provided, all having different perks and abilities! Make sure to try this game mode out!

Spleef: This is a free for all game in which you try to eliminate your opponents by mining blocks beneath them so they fall into lava (or other mobs in certain cases). There are a variety of maps with different types of blocks making the fun everlasting!

Build My Thing: Race against your opponents to figure out what the builder is attempting to create. You take turns building a word, chosen from a draft of 3, from many themes, such as items in terraria, seasons, countries, or everyday things you may come across!

Races: Challenge many opponents to reach the end of the course first, over many maps, with both classic maps and new maps, each with their own gimmick or play style.

Who’s The Killer?: In this game, you have an option to be killer or to run away from the killer. As killer, your objective is to kill all the non-killers before time runs out. Anyone else, your job is to try to do your best to avoid being killed.

Ped-Party: This is a collection of multiple small, quick, and fun game modes, such as;
> Hide and Seek: One hunter starts and everybody else is an animal, each with their own abilities to flee from the hunter with.
> Aquarium: Originally known as Shark Tank, this gamemode is one where players are pitched into the deep sea to swim away for their lives from jellyfish, crabs, squid, and many more of terraria’s aquatic monsters.
> Color Flash: Go to the right square, but be careful; the game may try to trick you with increasingly difficult tricks, traps, and gimmicks!
> Knockout: Challenge your friends in an intense knockback battle!

Parkour: Challenge yourself or others times to reach the end of a difficult course using your skills with certain items on many unique maps!

Class wars (AKA: Team death match) Play as one of the over 100 classes in a battle to reduce your opponents' life counter down to zero, by killing as many people as you can while trying not to die yourself. This game is fun for trying out new item combinations and synergies due to the immense amount of classes to play.

Survival: Play with friends or strangers in interesting challenges with many different gimmicks, each playthrough going for a set amount of time when hosted by a staff member usually on Fridays and weekends.

Defend the Fortress: A gamemode about charging down the enemy base and standing on the capture point for a set amount of time. All players get progressively stronger, with the defenders being fewer in numbers but greater in power.

PVP: Aim for that rank 1 spot in the leaderboards by duelling with multiple players using your own choice of loadout, gear, and weapons!

You can earn PedPoints and level up by winning games. Leveling up earns you vanity items, CtG classes, and respect.

If you vote for us, you will gain PedPoints too, and if you vote multiple days in a row without a gap in between, the point amount combos and you'll get more points every day. Also, every vote counts as an entry into a monthly raffle for one lucky person to get a free month of full Patreon perks! So be sure to vote!

For more info, join our Discord server or go to and follow us on Twitter. Also, if you donate on our Patreon, you can get perks such as flair, exclusive vanity items, and your own private servers!

This is definitely a server you don’t want to miss out on playing!