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About This Server

Created around 2015, Penguin Games is a Terraria server focused on minigames! From single-player games such as Hunger Games, Spleef, and Parkour, to team games such as Capture the Gem, Tank Wars, and Survival, there is always something to find on the server.

• Mobile Support: Play the minigames you love on the go!
• Over 10 Different Minigames: Explore all the variety the server offers! We offer both singleplayer AND multiplayer experiences.
• Unlock Vanity as You Play: Earn Penguin Points - the equivalent to experience - and rank up to unlock new pieces of vanity. Check out the catalogue with /vanity
• Events: Participate in events occurring year-round! Get notified ASAP when joining the official Discord server.
• Community: Penguin Games is an active community - in-game AND on the Discord server. Join now to find a crowd and when the time comes, feel free to share server feedback on how the server can change. We're listening.

What minigames do we have?
Penguin Games is built on variety. Some minigames to highlight are Capture the Gem, Parkour, Class Wars, Hunger Games, and Freebuild. Capture the Gem is a unique twist on the "Capture the Flag" formula, offering several different classes built with different playstyles in mind - experiment to find your favorite! Parkour offers over 300 maps with different gimmicks, sizes, and techniques to master - climb up the ladder to conquer them all. Class Wars - originally Team Deathmatch - is exactly what it sounds: Chaos - choose a random class and fight to eliminate your foes. Hunger Games is the original battle royale - scavenge for materials and fight to be the last one surviving. And finally, Freebuild: When minigames are too much, take a break and build at your own leisure - unleash the creativity.

If those don't peak your interest, there are many other minigames: From the cold-calculated Tank Wars, to the microgame frenzy of Penguin Party, to... Spleef, there is always something to play!

Why should I stay?
Penguin Games is always updating. While you're busy playing a round of your favorite minigame, we're working in the background, tweaking and applying changes that aims to have a positive effect on what you're playing! From events, new maps, balancing, or straight up new features, we always have something going on.

And if you want to get into the meta of the server, on our Discord server players can submit suggestions giving their own thoughts on why X should be changed, or why Y should be introduced, or why Z should be removed. While we can't read through every suggestion, we do take in account of player feedback when applying changes. In short: We're listening.

How can I support the server?
Playing on the server is already more than enough when it comes to supporting us! However, if you want to support us financially, we do have a Patreon:
All money goes directly towards paying for the technical costs, such as maintenance, software, and networking. Becoming a patron also makes you entitled to several perks - from customizable chat appearances to pets to private lobbies, we're wanting to make your pledge worthwhile.

If you're not a position to support us financially, that's okay! Regardless of how many patrons we have, we'll keep on making a fun, engaging, and unique server! If you do want to pitch in one way or another, voting is greatly appreciated - start your vote streak to get different perks such as more Penguin Points, chat flairs and a chance to win a month of our donor perks!
You can also participate in events as they happen, sign up for Mapedit - our exclusive mapmaking tool - and apply for staff positions to aid in keeping the server running rampant-free. If you do possess C# knowledge, we're always looking for developers!

That's all from Penguin Games. Join today!

Server IP: [Port: 7777]