TShock 4.3.24 for Terraria

Posted on May 15th, 2017 09:02 AM EST
TShock 4.3.24 for Terraria has been released.

  • Updated OpenTerraria API to (@DeathCradle)
  • Updated Terraria Server API to (@WhiteXZ, @hakusaro)
  • Updated TShock core components to (@hakusaro)
  • Terraria Server API version tick: 2.1
  • Added OnNpcKilled hook to Server API: 2.2 (@tylerjwatson)
  • Added CreateCombatTextExtended (119) to PacketTypes. This packet allows for the same functionality that packet 82 (CreateCombatText) used to have. Huge shoutout to the Terraria devs for adding this specially for us <3 (@WhiteXZ)
  • Updated ServerBroadcast hook to provide a NetworkText object. (@tylerjwatson)
  • Fixed levers and things not updating properly. (@deathcradle)
  • Deprecated PacketTypes.ChatText. Chat is now handled using the NetTextModule and packet 82. (@WhiteXZ, @Hakusaro)
  • Removed the -lang command-line flag from TShock. It is now a vanilla feature. (@Hakusaro)
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