TShock 4.3.22 for Terraria

Posted on January 5th, 2017 03:27 PM EST
TShock 4.3.22 for Terraria has been released.

  • Compatibility with Terraria
  • API: Version tick 2.0
  • API: Reduced RAM usage by ~80MB (Large server) (@deathcradle)
  • API: Added TSPlayer.KillPlayer() (@WhiteXZ)
  • API: Added TSPlayer.Logout() (@ProfessorXZ)
  • Fixed connections after max slot is reached (@DeathCradle)
  • Fixed server crashes caused by client disconnections when attempting to read closed sockets (@Enerdy)
  • Added some code to make trapdoors work better (@DogooFalchion)
  • AllowCutTilesAndBreakables config option now correctly allows flowers/vines/herbs to be cut in regions without breaking walls (@WhiteXZ)
  • REST: /status has been re-added. It will now always point to /v2/server/status and includes an upgrade field describing the newest status route (@WhiteXZ)
  • REST: /v3/players/read now includes a muted field (@WhiteXZ)
  • Fixed fishing quests not saving/loading correctly when login before join, UUID login, and SSC were enabled together (@DogooFalchion)
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