Terraria Hotfix

Posted on November 17th, 2016 06:14 AM EST
Terraria hotfix has been released.

Click here to find servers running version : https://terraria-servers.com/version/1_3_4_2/

  • Fixed Pumpkins getting cut when swinging nearby items or projectiles at them (we wanted to make placing blocks over them cut them for convenience, nothing else!)
  • Fixed town npcs potentially disappearing if you load a map using a non-english language
  • Fixed celestial pillars not loading properly, resulting in immediate wipe and triggering impending doom.
  • Fixed Drill Containment Unit being usable during creative shock
  • Fixed unconscious Tavernkeep & sleeping Angler not showing up on the lifeform analyzer
  • Fixed tavernkeep accidentally spawning in water
  • Fixed Stardust Armor's excess lighting brightness
  • Fixed tooltips on the new accessories saying 'sentry' damage when it meant minion damage, there never was such a thing as sentry damage.
  • Fixed numerous input issues
  • Fixed item linking in chat!
  • Fixed Stardust cell minion's shots trying to occassionally latch to town npcs and the Eternia crystals
  • Fixed Old One's lane portals not emitting light
  • Fixed weapons not being usable while chatting!!!
  • Fixed Defender's Forge name missing when open
  • Fixed Monk's brows saying "attack speed" instead of "melee attack speed"
  • Fixed the tavernkeep still calling Eternia crystals "Elder" crystals
  • Added experimental feature: texture pack support! Please check out this thread for more details!
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