Terraria Makeship Series - Hallowed Armor

Posted on November 17th, 2023 03:07 PM EST
Greetings Terrarians!

For a good while, we have seen what the good folks over at Makeship have been doing with plush for some of our favorite games (Spiffo from Project Zomboid) and our favorite creators (Khaios has done several). So, when they reached out to us to see if we might be interested in expanding the Terraria plush lineup in new directions, we thought it sounded like a great idea! Terraria is so full of items, monsters, and more that could make some amazing plushies.

What we have planned with Makeship is a series based upon some of the more popular armor sets in Terraria - starting today with the Hallowed Armor!

Crafted from the finest Hallowed Bars and the souls of vanquished mechanical monstrosities, Hallowed Armor protects the hero from all manner of evil that awaits in the world of Terraria!​

Our Hallowed Armor plush comes complete with the legendary sword Excalibur as well as a Pickaxe Axe - the ideal tool for both delving deep underground and gathering wood. You can place one in the hands of the plush and strap the other to its back for safe keeping.

We think it looks pretty awesome - and we hope that you agree. Now, we need your support to be sure that our Hallowed friend (and future armor sets and more that we have planned) makes it all the way to production and beyond. To place your order or to find out more, click the banner/image above or the link below!



Makeship utilizes a unique method for determining whether or not a plush gets manufactured and shipped out to players. Essentially, each campaign goes out as a preorder for a set period of time - for this campaign, that will be 21 days - and if the plush orders meet the minimum quantity needed (200), the plush gets made and shipped out to everyone that bought one. If it doesn't hit that level, then no one is out a dime - but sadly, our Hallowed Armor plush will only ever exist as a concept.

The short version:

  • The Hallowed Armor Plush will be available for preorder from today through the next 21 days
  • If Makeship receives at least 200 preorders, the plush will be manufactured and shipped to customers
  • If it does not hit that threshhold, then the plush will not be made, everyone gets their money back, and we will hope for better results on our next attempt.

That's pretty much everything to share on this campaign. We really want to see this one be a smashing success - because we think this plush is really cool, and we are really excited to make more armors in the future. Your support here will tell the tale on both fronts. So, if you like what you see and you think the Hallowed Armor plush might look great in your room or would be an amazing gift for a friend or family member this Holiday season, get your order in today!
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