Terraria State of the Game - May 2023

Posted on June 5th, 2023 03:06 PM EST

Greetings Terrarians!

Things are certainly heating up outside - but the team has been able to keep its cool by continuing to push ahead with Terraria 1.4.5! We have had some successful localization tests this month (more on that below), while our good friends at DR Studios released and have been hard at work fixing a handful of bugs that have cropped up on Console. We have enjoyed watching your reactions to our two big reveals over the last two weeks - hopefully we will have more to come as the years moves on. For now, let's settle in, grab a cold drink, and catch up on the latest and greatest happenings in the world of Terraria!



Localization has been the name of the game in May. Bringing three new languages on board - alongside all-new character sets - always SOUNDS easy enough, but it is a pretty monumental task. Lots of checking within the UI for text overruns (which given how huge our game is, that's a tall order!) and so on. That said, we are in a pretty good place at least with the older text (still need to do all of 1.4.5, but that will come when we are done adding content to said update haha). As a matter of fact, let's check out a screen from the Korean localization now!

Getting this step done was always going to take a good amount of time, but with it behind us, the team is really looking into the finishing touches, being sure that we don't want to add anything else, bug fixing, and so on. Hoping to have a release window for you soon!


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Helping out on the board game as time allows, banging away at the remaining to-do list on the update, dreaming and brainstorming.


Hello everyone!

Another month of hard work on tModLoader 1.4.4 has brought us ever-closer to being able to move this latest version over to the Live Branch. Of course, TML 1.4.4 Preview continues to be live on Steam for modders to port with. We strongly encourage all modders to update their mods and post the updates to Steam in a timely fashion. For more information on accessing the Preview build, please check out https://github.com/tModLoader/tModLoader/wiki/tModLoader-guide-for-players#beta-branches

Looking forward, we are waiting to changeover tModLoader to 1.4.4 as the default option until the majority of mods have posted a 1.4.4 set of files to steam workshop. For effectiveness, we are considering that as when 'the total subscriber count of mods tagged 1.4.4 / total subscriber count of all mods' surpasses 60%. Please stay tuned to our Discord[discord.com] for full visibility.

As always, we kindly request that we all respect modders' time and not hassle them about porting to 1.4.4. Please be respectful as we all wrap up this big jump forward! More information will be made available on the transition to a default 1.4.4 tmodloader as we approach the target. Please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience.


The TML Steam Workshop has over 4500 mods already! Coupled with the in-game mod browser, the TML Steam Workshop is a great way to explore what modded Terraria has to offer - check it out today by clicking the banner above!


More of the same - getting TML 1.4.4 ready for prime time and then waiting to see what Terraria 1.4.5 will have in store and how we will need to adjust/account for any changes to bring TML up-to-date.

As always, you can keep track the current progress and much more in real time at tModLoader/tModLoader[github.com] (But note that the completion percentage doesn't mean anything, because issues and PRs don't have weights.)

Developers who are willing to contribute may do so by doing PRs to the tModLoader/tModLoader[github.com] branch. (See tModLoader/tModLoader[github.com])

PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, Mobile - DR STUDIOS
The team at DR Studios is aware of a handful of bugs that players have encountered on Console since the release of Terraria We are actively working to resolve these issues, and we wanted to give you an update on our progress. First off, we have a few things fixed already - and we are working to add in at least a few others before submission to first parties. Second, we wanted to share our full list of known issues so that everyone can know that their reports have been heard. Of course, we welcome any and all additional information that anyone can supply regarding these bugs - you never know what might be the key piece of evidence to break open the investigation!

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't use Multiplayer on Xbox when setting the "You can communicate with voice, text or invites" permission to "Block"
  • Fixed a Xbox issue where controller inputs would have a delayed reaction in the game
  • Fixed an issue where certain mouse inputs would prevent keyboard from working on Xbox
  • Xbox issue where the keyboard disconnects after an undetermined amount of game play
  • Fixed an issue where the game would stop responding to keyboard input after prolonged play
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when loading into Multiplayer

  • Multiplayer not working for some users on Xbox
  • Issue where the game freezes suddenly for PS4 users
  • Old save data not showing anymore for some Xbox users

Until next time, Console & Mobile friends - thanks for all of your love and support!


Greetings Terrarians!

Here's the latest and greatest happenings on the Community side of things. Thanks as always for being the most engaged and awesome gaming Community ever!


The merchandise hub is where you can find all of the latest and greatest Terraria merchandise - with new stuff arriving all of the time! Check out the latest merch drops as well as some classics and pick up that epic Terraria gift for a friend (or yourself!).


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Last month, we revealed that our friends over at Terraria.Shop would be bringing the first lineup of Terraria minifigures to everyone very soon. Well, that time is now! To be clear, we expect these figures will be produced and ready to be in folks' hands sometime in Q3 of this year. At that time, we plan to have these as a readily-available product (with future series adding more enemies, NPCs, characters, etc to the lineup). However, we wanted to give everyone a chance to preorder now so that they could be sure to get theirs when the time comes!

For full details on how this will all work - including an exclusive free bonus figure for anyone that preorders - check out our post linked below!


We have even more fun things in store for everyone, but these are honestly REALLY cool, so we hope that everyone will enjoy them!


Last week, we shared the amazing news that Terraria will be coming to the world of board games in the near future. The great folks over at Paper Fort Games are hard at work already, with early prototypes already coming into focus. This board game implementation will expand the universe of Terraria by faithfully adapting and combining the digital game’s biome exploration, character progression, base building and epic combat with tabletop mechanisms - alongside a fresh new art style - to create a co-operative adventure that will resonate with both long-time fans and novice Terrarians.

To check out all of the details, be sure to take a minute to read our post about Terraria - The Board Game, which contains details about timing, how it will be sold, and more!



The Book One collection, which we are preparing for shipment to retailers, is still in the works. One thing that we were asked for was a suitably-epic cover to encompass the story thus far. We rather like it.

Emails have been proactively sent out to folks that 50amp is aware of that have had issues with the receipt of anything from Issues 1-4. However, there may be some delivery situations where they are not aware that issues have occurred. If you have not received the earlier email and/or you are still having issues with your order, please reach out to [email protected] immediately so that we can take care of this ASAP. Feel free to let us at Re-Logic know via [email protected] (we have been able to help with a few orders over the last month!) if you are having any issues as well, but the 50amp email above should be the best way to sort out any stragglers out there!

We have completed the character sketch and script phase for Issue 5 - so now the hard work to pull all of that art together is underway. We are super excited to be able to share the next stage of Vale's Terraria journey with you all very soon. In the meantime, you can look forward to further spoilers along the way... like this one, the latest in our teasers for the Goblin Army!

The Terraria community is filled with incredible fan media. We love to browse r/terraria and check out the creative minds sharing wonderful creations. We wanted to spotlight some of the trending media that caught our attention in the last month from the r/terraria subreddit. (Please let us know if any of the shared media has a different original creator or if you are featured and want us to adjust your Cake Day). Say Happy Birthday to your fellow Terrarians!


THE GREATEST WALL - u/OrientalOrange

Oceanside House - u/notgreater

Just entered Hardmode. Do you guys like my base so far? - u/crushKrtPrml

World Start - u/recys_ice

Submarine - u/superkamiks

Terraria Terrarium (click image to see the video) - u/D41V4D



Call Your Master - u/MihaDaCaterKiller

Terrarian in 1969 - u/FramaSefor

New Achievement Ideas - u/Russ_Guss_Doodles

King Slime x Queen Slime - u/InKay47

Wooden Armor Variants Reimagined - u/Real_Oven_2673

Terra Blade Tattoo - u/Chelstopes



I found this weird illusion - u/moosmostert

Domino Effect of Terraria Progression - u/firebunny26

It's a struggle... - u/RazzoKat

The urge to check out his stock is too much - u/OverTea5

Because many have asked, the way to respond to "The wall of flesh" opening - u/EmPeror_ReFaaT

Antlion Swarmer - u/BionicBandit_

Until next time, Terrarians - we hope you have an amazing month, and we look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest next time!
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