The Labor of Hallow's Eve - A Terraria Halloween Contest

Posted on October 3rd, 2022 09:00 AM EST

Trick or Terraria!? It is that time of year again! Happy Halloween fellow Terrarians!

Terraria has just received the highly anticipated Labor of Love update across all platforms. Whether you play on PC, Console, or Mobile, the new update is now available for everyone! With Halloween coming up and a new update filled with love for all to enjor, we thought the timing was perfect to host a brand new contest: The Labor of Hallow's Eve!

For this contest, we are looking for participants from across the Terraria Community - Terraria Community Forums, Twitter, Discord, Steam, and more! We want this contest to be a celebration of the entire Terraria Community as a whole, so wherever you call home as a member of the community, you'll have the opportunity to submit a spooky Halloween themed creation for this contest!

Continue reading to uncover all of the gory the details regarding submissions, deadlines, and prizes below!

You will have your choice of 5 categories to submit to. No matter what category, remember that this is a Terraria Halloween contest, so your entry should reflect both Terraria and Halloween.

  • Pumpkin Carving
    - Create a Pumpkin Carving that is Terraria themed. Once you have a carving, take a picture and submit it as an image.
  • Costumes
    - Create a real life Terraria themed costume.
  • Artwork
    - Includes traditional drawing, painting, digital, and pixel artwork.
  • In-game creations
    - Buildings created within Terraria itself. Can be captured with the in-game screenshot tool or your device's own screenshot capturing options.
  • Other
    - Anything not specified in the other 4 categories. This can include writing, music, music remixes, videos*, and potentially anything else not mentioned in this category or the other 4.

*Writing entries submitted in the "Other" category should not exceed 2,000 words while Music and video entries should not exceed 5 minutes in length.

  • The Rules & Guidelines for this contest are as follows and apply regardless of what platform you submit your entry from.
  • The Contest runs from October 1st to October 31st, 2022. All entries are to be submitted no later than October 31st, 2022 at 11:59 ET
  • All entries must be PG-13, nothing inappropriate, sexual, profane, or offensive
  • Your entry must be submitted through Google Forms. You may choose to share your entry on TCF or on other platforms if you desire, but entries posted on the thread will not count. All entries must be submitted through Google Forms to count.
  • We reserve the right to share entries publicly during or after the contest - this will not impact anyone's entry negatively in any way.
  • No plagiarism. Anyone found to be stealing another person's work will be instantly disqualified.
  • You may resubmit your entry and/or change categories to make any changes as many times as you wish as long as it is before October 31st, 2022. After this day, your most recent submission will be the one counted as an entry.
  • You may enter only one category regardless of where you are posting from (TCF, Steam, Twitter, etc.) The category you choose is your decision and you may change your category or entry before the final deadline.
  • Winners and Runners Up will be shown at a later time in a future announcement.

Here is how you get your entry into our hands. (A Google Account is required for submitting on this form)

  • Visit our Google Forms submission link here: Google Forms: Sign-in[]
  • Select which platform you are from (Terraria Community Forums, Steam, Discord, Twitter etc.)
  • Provide your username based on the platform you are from (Ensure you follow the instructions written in the form)
  • Select the category you are entering
  • Upload an image or images of your creation (You may submit up to 5 images)
  • Click "Submit"

After that, your entry will be in our hands! Judging will begin when the contest period concludes on October 31st. The Winners and Runners-Up will be announced through a new announcement, while the Ultimate winner will be decided by community vote. A link to a poll will be included in the first winners announcement and the Ultimate Winner will be decided from that after a period of 3 weeks.

Optionally, you may share your entry with everyone by posting on this thread or elsewhere. Your entry must first be submitted through our Google Form submission for it to count for the contest.. Entries posted only on this thread or anywhere else other than the Google Form entry link will not count.

For this contest, there will be 1 winner from each category, 2 runners-up from each category, along with one Ultimate Winner picked from one of the 5 category winners by Community vote. The prizes that can be won are listed below. Also, all participants that are a member of TCF (Terraria Community Forums) will receive the special Headless Horseman Participation title.

One Winner in each category will receive:

  • Platinum Tier of the 1st 4 Terraria Graphic Novel issues
  • Your choice of Merchandise
  • TCF Community winners will receive the Pumpking Forum title and Headless Horseman Participation Title

NOTE: All prizes are subject to availability and/or shipping restrictions that are out of our control. Should such a situation arise, we will work with the winner(s) to find an alternate prize.

Two Runners-Up in each category will receive:

  • Your choice of Merchandise
  • $20 Steam Gift Card (Or equivalent e-shop gift card from your platform of choice)
  • TCF Community winners will receive the Pumpking Forum title and the Headless Horseman Participation title

NOTE: All prizes are subject to availability and/or shipping restrictions that are out of our control. Should such a situation arise, we will work with the winner(s) to find an alternate prize.

ULTIMATE WINNER - After the Category Winners are announced, the community will vote for one Ultimate Winner who will be awarded:

A Real Life Meowmere sword

This very rare collectible (only 100 in existence) that has been selectively given out to only the most hardcore Terrarians thus far... but this is your chance to win one for your very own!

Well, that's it - let us know if you have any questions and... Now let the spooky festivities begin!

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