TShock 4.3.17 for Terraria

Posted on July 29th, 2016 02:58 PM EST
TShock 4.3.17 for Terraria has been released. This release introduces compatibility for Terraria and upgrades the API version 1.23, as well as introducing a large selection of new things and fixing a bunch of bugs.

  • Compatibility with Terraria
  • Updated superadmin behaviour to conform to expected behaviour (@WhiteXZ, @Patrikk)
  • Fixed a crash involving teleporters and dressers (@WhiteXZ)
  • Fixed pressure plates (@Enerdy@Patrikk)
  • Fixed a deadlock in wiring (@Wolfje)
  • Fixed a crash in wiring (@Patrikk)
  • Improved network syncing on client joins (@Patrikk)
  • The Presserator can now place actuators (@ProfessorXZ)
  • Resolved a region error when removing unlisted users from regions (@WhiteXZ)
  • Added a SetDungeon command to set the dungeon position (@webmilio)
  • The currently running world name is now part of the server application's title (@webmilio)
  • Gem locks can now be region protected (@mistzzt)
  • Players can now place sensors (@mistzzt)
  • Repackaged GeoIP with TShock so that GeoIP works (@Enerdy)
  • Added permissions to use sundials and start/stop parties (@Patrikk)
  • Added an announcement box hook (@mistzzt)
  • Added the ability to choose what type of world (crimson/corruption) you generate (@NoNiMad)
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