Terraria State of the Game - February 2022

Posted on February 25th, 2022 03:04 PM EST

Greetings Terrarians!

In case you missed it, 2022 is certainly turning into a lovely year for Terraria! From starting the year with a pair of awards to last month's reveal of the big "parity" update for Console & Mobile Terrarians to this month's surprise sneak peek into the upcoming - and aptly named - Labor of Love Update for Terraria, how can you not love all that is going on in the world of Terraria right now? Of course, we couldn't do any of this without the love and support that you show us each and every day. So thank you, once again and we love you all!

Now... on with the show!



With the Steam Deck officially launching yesterday, we pushed out our Steam Deck Optimization Update in parallel. This update contains both changes targeted towards Steam Deck and non-Deck players. The changes outside of the Deck stuff are mostly focused on bug fixes and some quality of life/balance tweaks. Bigger changes are coming down the road in the Labor of Love Update (for more information on that, keep reading!). For a full set of notes on the Steam Deck Optimization Update, check out the dedicated link below!


In case you missed the big reveal a week or so ago, renowned Terraria influencer/content creator/all around superstar and great guy ChippyGaming had a world exclusive reveal of the upcoming Labor of Love Update for Terraria. Rather than go over all of that again, why not re-share the reveal video AND a follow-up video that delves deeper into some spoiler-y goodness that has been revealed since!

...and seriously, if you have not subscribed to Chippy's channel, you need to get on that immediately!

Oh... and our resident QA expert Leinfors shared this little goodie on Twitter earlier this week:

What else does Labor of Love have in store? When will it arrive? Well, you will have to stay tuned to find out!


Click the banner above to check out the Terraria Workshop!

The level of quality and quantity on the Terraria Steam Workshop keeps on growing and growing - with over 50,000 packs and worlds so far, you are missing out if you haven't taken the time to check out the Workshop yet. What are you waiting for?!


Well, besides some good-natured fun with our Twitter locations (just keeping you all on your toes) and work on Labor of Love, we remain in the planning stages for our second game. What that might be and so on and so forth will be shared in due time, but likely not any time soon.


Hello everyone!

The TML Team remains hard at work as we inch closer and closer to getting this thing done! We saw some notable performance improvements this month, but the big feature we're working on currently is a monthly release cycle with preview and stable streams. As you are likely aware, in the past there has always been a bit of a disconnect between tML updates and updates on specific mods - where the modders have to wait on a tML update to release and then scramble to update their mods accordingly.

This new feature will allow modders to be be able to respond to new tML features and changes - and get their mods ready in advance - by developing and testing against the preview version. Then, at the end of each month, ideally, people playing on stable will get simultaneous tML and mod updates, and should be able to continue their playthroughs unimpeded. Solxan has been busy working on this new deployment, and when we have it ready and tested we will encourage all modders to port their mods to 1.4.

Beyond that, the TML 1.4 Alpha remains available for you to check out. Again, please keep in mind that this Alpha is primarily intended for developers as an audience - so play around with it at your own risk!


As always, you can keep track the current progress and such more in real time at tModLoader/tModLoader[github.com] (But note that the completion percentage doesn't mean anything, because issues and PRs don't have weights.)

Developers who are willing to contribute may do so by doing PRs to the tModLoader/tModLoader[github.com] branch. (See tModLoader/tModLoader[github.com])

PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, Mobile - DR STUDIOS

Given that we do not really know the timing or full content of the Labor of Love update as well as all of the already-completed work on 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 for Consoles and Mobile, the team made the decision to keep plowing ahead with our original plans. That means we will be focused on getting "current" parity into players' hands as quickly as possible. Now, there is a chance Labor of Love comes out first (which means we better rename this update) or there is a chance that this is a parity update that is then followed by PC jumping ahead again for a time. In either case, the team will be pivoting to bringing 1.4.4 to everyone just as soon as possible after the release of 1.4.1 - 1.4.3 plus any fixes needed.

So, with that topic taken care of, who wants to see more goodies coming your way in the Parity Update? How about a quick look at what's going on in The Constant seed?

Want more? Ok then, fine!
We are happy to reveal that our current trajectory has us on track to deliver the parity (1.4.3) update to everyone sometime in April 2022.

To be clear, there are a lot of moving parts here to make this happen – not the least of which are the various review processes from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc. – so things could slip either way a bit as we are trying to bring every platform out at the same time. As we get a better sense and that window tightens up, we will be sure to share it with you all just as soon as we can!

We are, of course, aware of some of the larger remaining bits (further KB+M work, Online+Splitscreen MP, etc) - and we still plan to get to these! Thanks so much for your feedback and reporting - with your help, we are able to fine tune and sort out issues to create a better Terraria experience for everyone!

Mobile news is much the same as the news for consoles... except that we can share that Mobile progress has gone smashingly well so far. What's that you say? You deserve a spoiler too? Well we agree! Check out these familiar friends that stopped by for a visit on Mobile Terraria...

It is our plan to bring Mobile and Console Parity out all together, all at once (send us your positive vibes please!) - and Mobile timing will be the same as shared above: April 2022.


Greetings Terrarians!

Here's the latest and greatest happenings on the Community side of things. Thanks as always for being the most engaged and awesome gaming Community ever!


The merchandise hub is where you can find all of the latest and greatest Terraria merchandise - and we are kicking off the new year with a handful of new offerings, including brand new plush! Check out the latest merch drops as well as some classics and pick up that epic Terraria gift for a friend (or yourself!)


Click the banner above to head to http://terraria.org/store now!​



Perhaps you have seen several images of the iconic Terraria rainbow cat sword in real life floating around (you definitely have if you follow our socials!). These are very limited edition Meowmere swords that were lovingly created by our friends at Fire and Steel. These are the real deal - made out of stainless steel and hand crafted to remain authentic to Meowmere itself. We have sent a handful of these out to our long-time friends and partners - but we can share that there will be two avenues for folks to get their hands on one of these epic pieces. We will be doing a raffle of sorts to give away 10 or so at some point (more details on that later), and the remaining 25 are available now for sale at Fire and Steel's site via the link below.

Terraria - Meowmere Sword Limited Edition | Fire & Steel Exclusive[fireandsteel.com]



The fantastic folks over at Animegami Studios, hot on the heels of the amazing Forest Biome piece (which is amazing if you haven't checked it out) has heard the desires of the Terraria community for a more accessible piece (or pieces) price-wise. The video below is a showcase of just that - the Terraria Mini-Biome series. With a target price point in the ~$100-$150 range, the team hopes that these are something far more Terrarians can get into in the event that they don't want to go all-in on something as extravagant as the Forest Biome piece. On top of that, the team would love to have your feedback on these pieces and more - so please take a few moments to check out the video and give them your thoughts via the Google Form link below!

Terraria Mini-Biome Pieces - Feedback Request[docs.google.com]



Yet another awesome pin in the Biome Series from Sanshee. Plans are underway for a few more to come - be sure to find these on their online Terraria storefront so that you don't miss your chance to collect the full set!!



Terrarians we are getting close to 1 million members for the Terraria subreddit! If you are not already a member then please join r/Terraria and tell friends to do the same. We are planning to have a community celebration on the Sunday after r/Terraria reaches 1 million members. Details are still pending, but we want to celebrate this awesome milestone and would love suggestions on ways we can celebrate the occasion. Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments or directly on r/Terraria.



We recently crossed the 100k benchmark in the Terraria community on Game Jolt! If you are unfamiliar with Game Jolt then you can join the community here: Game Jolt - Games for the love of it[gamejolt.com]

We met with the executive team at Game Jolt and they are planning some exciting new Terraria community features. If everything works out these features will roll out later this year with the goal of providing worthwhile activities not currently available within our other social platforms. Feel free to make feature suggestions in the Game Jolt community or in the comment section

Until next time, Terrarians - we hope you have an amazing month, and we look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest next time!
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