Terraria Halloween Contests Are Underway!

Posted on October 7th, 2021 03:13 PM EST

Greetings Terrarians,
We are excited to announce several upcoming Halloween themed Terraria events where you can win prizes. Full details regarding the Halloween events and exclusive Terraria prize shop can be found in the official Terraria Discord server. In addition, Congratulations to the Terraria Discord server for being one of the largest Discord communities in the world and crossing the 200k online benchmark!

Join the live Terraria community at https://discord.gg/terraria

That said, let's open this creaky door and head into this haunted house of scares!

Halloween Contests

Attention Terrarians, skeletons, ghosts, and other creatures that lurk within this server! Halloween is quickly approaching and we are hosting some special spooky contests this month that could potentially give you a massive boost in Prize Points.

What are Prize Points / Special Prize Points?
Prize Points are used to purchase game codes, signed Terraria merchandise, and server roles from our Prize Merchant Bot! You can view the Prize Points shop in the bot-commands channel by using the shp!viewshop command. Special Prize Points only apply towards the @Zenith and @Ultra Instinct roles.

Terraria Prize Shop
The exclusive Terraria Prize Shop features many incredible prizes including signed t-shirts, hoodies, pins, Steam games, and much more. You can redeem prizes with the prize points earned from events. In addition to these Halloween events there are daily activities in our communities ranging from Trivia to art creation and you can earn prize points from all these activities. Come by the Discord server located at https://discord.gg/terraria to check out this incredible feature.

The first contest will be an in-real life pumpkin carving contest! This is a tradition in the community that has taken place many times over the years, since the first iteration in 2013. Think you got what it takes to enter that hall of fame? Check out the images below for examples of past winners!


How do you enter?
Create a spooky piece of Terraria-related art on a pumpkin, put a candle in it, and photograph it in the dark for the best look!

Please DM your photo submissions to @Submission Bot on our Discord to enter the contest. The first photo should be of the entry by itself, and then send a second photo which has your Discord username on a piece of paper in front of your entry, so we can verify that it is original. Entries without this second image for verification will not be accepted.

The rewards for this contest are as follows:
🥇 1st Place: 25,000 Prize Points or 250,000 Special Prize Points
🥈 2nd Place: 15,000 Prize Points or 150,000 Special Prize Points
🥉 3rd Place: 10,000 Prize Points or 100,000 Special Prize Points
🏅 4th Place: 5,000 Prize Points or 50,000 Special Prize Points
🏅 5th Place: 5,000 Prize Points or 50,000 Special Prize Points

Everyone who submits valid, original entries for this contest will receive 2,000 Prize Points!

The second contest will be an in-game Halloween Costume-themed Vanity contest so let your imagination and creativity go wild and create some real spooky costumes that would even scare the Moon Lord! Of course, if you have an amazing in real life Terraria costume that you want to show off, we won't turn that down either.

Terraria Halloween Costume Contest Rules
- Characters should be submitted with a Gemspark block background of your choosing, the Gemspark must consist of one solid color. Example entry below!

- Editing using image editing software is not allowed (direct, in-game screenshots only!).
- Try to avoid submitting your character wearing a normal full set of undyed armor.
- Modded content is not allowed.
- Include a name for your costume when submitting!
- Your character's costume should stand out on its own, without the help of any additional effects (including, but not limited to: summons, pets, particles, mounts, or environmental features).
- Only one submission per user.
- Submission must follow all server rules.
When you feel your submission is ready, DM @Submission Bot Bot on our Discord with your submission. Any submissions which do not comply with the rules or are not within the submission period will not be considered.

The rewards for this contest are as follows:
🥇 1st Place: 15,000 Prize Points or 150,000 Special Prize Points
🥈 2nd Place: 10,000 Prize Points or 100,000 Special Prize Points
🥉 3rd Place: 5,000 Prize Points or 50,000 Special Prize Points
🏅 4th Place: 3,000 Prize Points or 30,000 Special Prize Points
🏅 5th Place: 2,000 Prize Points or 20,000 Special Prize Points

You can submit entries for these contests up until November 1st at 11:59 PM EDT and winners will be announced soon after in the following days.

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