TShock 4.3.13 for Terraria

Posted on May 16th, 2016 05:32 PM EST
TShock 4.3.13 for Terraria has been released. This release fixes some bugs and introduces some new features for developers.

  • Fixed an issue preventing TShock from starting on certain mono versions
  • Fixed a deadlock in Wiring
  • Fixed character styles/gender not being saved properly on first login while SSC is on
  • Added a PlayerPermission hook fired whenever a permission check involving said player occurs (when the new TSPlayer.HasPermission method is called)
  • Resolved an issue where martian invasions and eclipses would have empty messages if AnonymousBossInvasions was set to true
  • Added an optional slime parameter to the rain command, allowing slime rain to be started and stopped. New syntax is rain [slime] <start/stop>
  • Fixed performance issues due to concurrent dictionary access in TSPlayer
  • Added an ID property to Regions
  • Fixed an issue where region sizes were calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug in RegionManager preventing regions adding correctly
  • Fixed another bug in RegionManager preventing regions adding correctly
  • Fixed a routing issue with the /v2/token/create REST endpoint
  • Removed the /token/create REST endpoint. /v2/token/create should be used instead.

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