TShock 4.3.12 for Terraria

Posted on January 2nd, 2016 11:00 AM EST
TShock 4.3.12 for Terraria has been released. This release fixes some bugs with Terraria functionality, as well as introduces some changes for the stat tracking system.

Notable changes include:
  • Fixed issues with TSPlayer.SetTeam not working (@Wight)
  • Fixed /butcher not killing bosses in expert difficulty (@Wight)
  • API: Deprecated PacketBufferer (now obviated by SendQ) (@Wight)
  • API: Building on Windows no longer breaks traps (@Wolfje)
  • Fixed bombs, dynamite, and sticky bombs (@Wolfje)
  • Removed spammy messages from OnSecondUpdate that confused some server owners (@Wolfje)
  • Rewrote some stat tracker code to send actually relevant data to the stats server (@George)
  • Added an opt-out command line switch to disable the stat tracker (--stats-optout) (@George)
  • Added a unique provider token which can be passed to the stat tracker (--provider-token [token]) for tracking servers from the same GSP. (@George)

Source : https://tshock.co/xf/index.php?threads/tshock-4-3-12-for-terraria-1-3-0-8-api-v1-22.4211/
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