TShock 4.3.11 for Terraria

Posted on October 26th, 2015 07:11 AM EST
TShock 4.3.11 for Terraria has been released. This version features a drop-in tile replacement system by @Wolfje that reduces RAM requirements by up to 70% on all worlds and CPU requirements up to 10% in the running process.

Plugin developers: any current plugin that makes use of Main.tile must be recompiled with a reference to the new terrariaserver.exe.

Other notable changes include:
  • API: Fixed some possible packet leaks in sendq (@Wolfje)
  • API: API Version 1.22 - please update your plugins accordingly
  • API: Added crash protection around malicious and/or invalid packets (@Wolfje)
  • API: Fixed worlds not loading sometimes (@tysonstrange)
  • API: Fixed living leaf walls not working as housing (@hastinbe)
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from joining when the world is saving (@Wolfje)
  • Fixed an issue adding a ban on a player who has previously been banned (@Wolfje)
  • Fixed /invade martian (@Wolfje)
  • Fixed target dummies not working properly (@Wight)
  • Added a config option (DisableSecondUpdateLogs) to prevent log spam from OnSecondUpdate() (@Wight)
  • Added RESTful API login rate limiting (@George)
  • Added config options (MaximumRequestsPerInterval, RequestBucketDecreaseIntervalMinutes, LimitOnlyFailedLoginRequests) for rate limiting (@George)
  • DEPRECATION: Deprecated Disable(string, bool) and added Disable(string, DisableFlags). Please update your plugins accordingly (@Wight)
  • Fixed Halloween and Christmas events not working properly (@TomyLobo)
  • Fixed the demon heart's extra accessory slot not working correctly in SSC (@Wight)
  • Fixed gender-changing potions not working correctly in SSC (@hastinbe)
  • Fixed IP bans not working correctly (@hastinbe)
  • Fixed /reload not using the correct permission (@Wight)
  • Fixed TSPlayer.ActiveChest not being tracked correctly resulting in item dupes while disabled (@Wight)
  • /reload now reloads tile and projectile bans (@tysonstrange)

Source : https://tshock.co/xf/index.php?threads/tshock-4-3-11-for-terraria-1-3-0-8-api-1-22.4114/
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