TShock 4.3.0 Prerelease for Terraria

Posted on June 25th, 2015 09:34 AM EST
TShock 4.3.0 Prerelease for Terraria is available for download. As this is a pre-release, use it at your own risk.

To download it : https://github.com/NyxStudios/TShock/releases/tag/4.3.0GM1

Notable changes include:
  • API: Modifed NetItem so that it's actually useful. (@MarioE)
  • Updated prebuilts (SQLite, JSON, MySQL) to latest versions. (@nicatronTg)
  • Added a minimum password length to prevent blank passwords. (@nicatronTg)
  • Modified item ban checks to provide which item is disabling a player in the logs. (@Enerdy)
  • API: Modified TSPlayer to store a user, and deprecated calls to TSPlayer.User.ID. (@Wight)
  • Modified chat color specs in config file to be int arrays rather than floats. (@nicatronTg)
  • Modified verbiage for /auth and /auth-verify to make it clearer how they operate. (@nicatronTg)
  • API: Added fuzzy name searching for users. (@Wight)
  • API: Fixed OnPlayerLogout not being fired when a player disconnects. (@nicatronTg)
  • API: Deprecated ValidString and SanitizeString methods in Utils. (@nicatronTg)
  • Added BCrypt password hashing and related systems for it. BCrypt replaces the old system using non-password hashing algorithms for storing passwords. It breaks implementations of the login code that were manually recreated, but is otherwise seamless in transition. (@nicatronTg)
  • API: Added User.VerifyPassword(string password) which verifies if the user's password matches their stored hash. It automatically upgrades a users' password to BCrypt if called and the password stored is not a BCrypt hash. (@nicatronTg)
  • API: Deprecated Utils.HashPassword and related password hashing functions as those are no longer needed for plugin access. (@nicatronTg)
  • Fixed UseServerName config option so that it correctly sends the config server name any time that Main.WorldName is used. (Olink)
  • Fixed a bug where people could ban themselves. (@nicatronTg)

Source : https://tshock.co/xf/index.php?threads/tshock-4-3-0-gm-prerelease.3759/
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