Terraria Server #4

The requested server has been removed from our server list.


ID #4
Registered by Ancientgods
Registered on November 22nd, 2013 01:00 PM EST
Deleted on November 28th, 2014 06:30 AM EST

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Comments (99)

Long time since I saw this server.
Anyone interested in a server called Omega mk-0?
Its a very cool server (im just a staff member, not the owner)
SSC, survival, pvp, CTG etc
IP is
(sorry for a somewhat advert, its that ancients server doesn't work for me)
Alrighty guys I made my server! The IP is

it's not up all the time but just tell me in the comments when you wanna get on
Wait, is it actually gone or are these all assumptions?

Mainly assumptions
well it was a cool server

Yeah it's hard to say goodbye to something you invested hundreds of ours into.

well guys its been good i guess if you find a sever send me ip i cant find a good survival server that makes you start over

Yeah I've gone back to single player

maybe we can make our own server idk but if its up to u guys because im not that good at starting a server

I just experimented with tshock and "learned the basics" of starting a server. I don't know if it will be public, because not many people would likely play on it. If anyone wants to help me super admin spots are open.

I just experimented with tshock and "learned the basics" of starting a server. I don't know if it will be public, because not many people would likely play on it. If anyone wants to help me super admin spots are open.

Whoops sorry double comment. :P

sure ill join i want to play a server thats fun and have a good time

I'll join a new server if i can get IP

I made the server and all but can't make it public because of port forwarding issues. If anyone can tell me a way to forward a port for free, that would be greatly appreciated.

Type into your internet Browser and it will take you route so you should then be able to edit settings accordingly.

also me and Jewsus have opened up another server due to disagreements with Snaggle You can find that here.
I also personally work on

Theses are both building server so please show some respect.
well just :(.
hi im pro gamer 64 , could someone tell me why the server is off for so long ? its off for 11 days bro pls get it on again

Snagglepuss might have quit. I know he had a lot of work to do and not much time for the server.

That's my best bet too. Ah well, it had a good run. RIP Server. 'One of the best'
yes i would like to add a comment, about the crappy staff and crappy owners, 2 weeks ago i was building a happy community with my friendly service, and you banned me, tell me why. Tell me why you banned me Jewsus, tell me the reason why you banned me, no im not going to beg, or yell and screem, as thats what Rover doesn't like people doing, see two weeks and i still remember your names, anyway im just going to cut to the chase, my name is The_Unknwon, and i just wanted to send this message to say if you were making the right choice banning me. So ask yourself. Did you make the right choice banning me?

Hi it's Joey. I unbanned you because you were banned unfairly, but next time use the unban section on the forums to apply.
I just happened to get my computer fixed after like a year, does anyone here remember me? Lol

I do, but barely anybody probably remembers me. You were a old mod or something on ancientgods right?
Pls unban me my name is BSebi pls pls
Could some one please tell me why the server has been turned off for so long? The last time it was on was 9 hours ago. It's really not that long but I mean, the server is losing points. It used to be at 100% and now it's 89%, and the more it's off the more it goes down. I don't know if you guys have something big planned or something but I hope its good enough to get the server back in atleast 90%. Considering no other server even compares to this one
Jewsus Is Totally Insane!
Hey, everyone, some of the people who have been on the server since around March probably know me, I'm most likely never gonna be on the server but you never know. I just wanted to say Hi because I did just kinda leave you guys (I am [Admin] StirDaPot :D ) and I would also like it if someone gave me the link for agterraria site for new topic post because I would like to make some announcements, For some reason on my PC it doesn't show the new topic button, Kinda weird, People who reply on this message I can try to get you on steam so we can talk. One last thing, I wanna ask how the server is going?
uh i just got banned for no reason by Jewsus

Please post an unban request on our forums (http://www.agterraria.com/forums)

He was really angry and only banned me with the message saying "fuck off"

Unban request posted.
I got banned for apparently griefing my house that got griefed by someone else.

Why do i get kicked just because i spawned ducks ten misty goes and says that shes going to ban ducks soon it seems like the server is less fun now

i mean then not ten
Maybe a host problem? Or something weird? I'm getting worried already!
I seem to be using the correct IP, too. (
Please! Make the server joinable! As first as I wake up this morning, I went onto Terraria-servers.com and saw that this was updated to 1.2.4! It's bullshit! All I can find is a ''Found Server'' while I've wasted 1 hour just by letting the computer run! If I am connected to Steam, I should be connected to the Internet!

it's backdated, marc. plz use 1.2.3
actually, don't because it redirects you to the teeria server
Hi ancient i was new to your server when all of a sudden i couldnt join for the past 3 days. I guess it all started when i was just checking the lotto a ton of times and asking who won and then i couldnt connect again when i was disconnected no ban quotes or anything

sry forgot to add this but was I banned idk but i just wish you would look at this and help

We have an unban request section on the forums.

What is the link?
One SuperAdmin (I forgot the name) banned me because i was with Infinests Hack, but i asked terry ''What rank i have to be to use Infinests'' and she said ''Any Rank'' and then the superadmin banned me forever reason: hacking, faggot. Please unban me i was engineer. ;(
I would complain me about Kaylon:
1:He killed me 2 times without a reason
than i said KAYLON STOP and he kicked me for No
i can't join :(
I find it not very nice why I was such a super admin server in their deraked.
And that worst thing I find is that Ancient simply go into a server and want to destroy everything.

well u griefed his server frist so its only fair am I right or am I right if u saw I am wrong then u can kick rocks
Best Server Ever!
I've known this server for awhile now and i just wanted to ask, what is the point of these huge builds? I may be over-reacting here, and I know everyone has to have fun, but sometimes I arrive on the server, and there's a HUGE pointless object where my house, and many others' was. I came on today to find a *HUGE pointless volcano, that no-one was using, right where my arena was, and my base along with a lot more buildings. The volcano was unprotected, and everything( I expected more luxury for a volcano that was so extremely important to replace the builds).I may sound like an idiot, but i don't think it's fair to replace 50 buildings or so instead of using one chunk as your build space.......


Looking over this, I can see the idiocy of this comment....So just ignore it XD
hey i'm superkrzys and this server banned me please unban me

There is an unban request section on my forums (ancientgods.forumotion.com), please don't use the comment section on this server list to deal with such things.
Good server dude, keep it up! :)
Excuse me, but how do i apply? i dunno how
I'm back from holidays so the server is online again! also our ip has changed. New ip:


Excellent! :)
Whats the IP again?

The same. But it's offline. Ancientgods.no-ip.org currently connects to some other server.

The ip is: 7777
This is my favourite server!
I understand very well that Ancientgods is on holiday, everyone needs it. But there should be some notice before this and information when he's back. It's not anything critical because it's only a game, but such information would be a sign of respect for players.

Anyone know when he's back?

ps. for me it's the best server - I completely recommend it!

Yeah,i agree too,just a tiny notice would be nice......
Why do I connect to dark underdog server when I type in ancientgods.no-ip.org o.o

I don't know.With me is that so.
I cant seem to join, but it says its online. and theres no problem with my internet. help?

The server is not online because Ancient is in holiday

Ok thx
I like your new banner :P
im unbanned this is the best server ever
hey great server buddy! keep up the awesome work! always a fun time on this server!
dear mr.ancient gods,
i don't know what i did wrong why banned me Radial
i guess that i have always had a different name than 007
,for example,0011,so i was spellbound radial i do not thik that's was fair because ican nothing for it
please unban me ancient

Dear Ancient,
Please take into consideration to give /mute and /kick (Especially /kick) back to Creator of Arts. The reason I've asked for this is because there has been this hacker who has automatic color changing clothes, invincibility and has speed hacks. He made me lose my cool but if it wasn't for Willy Larson I'd still be cussing around and getting pissed. I've also noticed a lot more jerks who make other players mad and rage quit. I try to be nice and ask them to stop using caps, stop messing with others,stop cussing, and start being nice, but most of the time they just ignore me. I should take some of my own advice to stop cussing when I lose my cool, but either way, please take it into consideration to give back some privileges to creators to make the server a more popular and nicer server. We creators sometimes mess around, but its just for fun, but we are responsible and want to make the server better in more ways than you could ever name. Me, AB.Turtle wax, pope,nomo and tons of other creators want to make an impact on this server. We swear to not abuse those powers and use it only if necessary, like if there are hackers or jerks around. Anyway I've been rambling on too much,but i just wanted to say thank you for making this epic server that will always be on the top ~Kikimaru(OMG HACKERS)

I'm gonna go on with this, there are many horrible people who join this server and make everyone angry, I also think that just mute and freeze should go to engineer rank, I'm having a ton of trouble, I'm on the server almost 24/7 and sometimes, I'm highest rank in the server. I'm always getting horrible people driving me crazy. And I don't think infinite should be in this, it causes too much lag which could crash the server.

By the way this is Dark Wizard. I want my name changed to StirDaPot.

On first comment I meant infinest not infinite

On first comment I meant infinest not infinite
Guys good news!

Server will be back online again in 25-30 hours!
Finally coming back home from thailand :D

Also i really appreciate those who keep voting even though we've been offline for a week+
Love you guys!

I am very regretful for my previous actions on the Whunder World server, and believe me, if I could go back and change the disgraceful way I behaved, I would. Unfortunately, my actions are what they were, and I am consequently banned on your server. I promise that the Whunder incident was a one-off, spur of the moment action, and I have more than learn my lesson from being banned on whunder world; I promise, I would not repeat my misdeeds - all I want is a fresh start again on your brilliant server.
:) Thank you for making the best server that ever was and will be, Ancientgods

I know... But I'm currently still in thailand and Ciredia is hosting my server, I already asked him to start up my server again but he has to wait for his bother to give him teamviewer login details so he can connect to the server
-.- so really i cant start the server back up even though i really want to, sorry guys :/
Ancientgods if you see this comment please fix the server and get it back online because it has ben down for three days and its loosing its score,uptime, and espeicially all if the happy people eho used to play on your server are now trying to find other servers like your's. In my opinion this is the best server ever msde for terraria with nice people to play with and lots of encouraging staff who gave me the chance to prove my worth and become a Creator Of Art, a title that gives me a reason togo on the server and not only have fun but to encourage other determined players like me. So please if you see this (pretty long) comment, please try and get the server back on for all the patient (and impatient people). ~Kikimaru (Creator of Art

Ancient, why has the server not been on for a long time. I miss going on and seeing the people i usually play with. This was my favorite server :(, also, why did iheard get banned?
Server is dead?
Dear Ancientgods,
If you couldn't already tell, I am IHeardULikeTerraria. I am posting here and now to tell you that I was banned form your server. It is my favorite ever and I didn't do anything! I look forward to joining your epic server every day. It is the one thing that drives me through the tough and boring days at school. When I try to join it says, and I quote, "You are banned forever: Deleting the pixel art region, the f*** were you thinking?" that statement is not true. I attempted to join yesterday but i couldn't because the server hadn't updated to the Christmas update like mine had. I was sad. I played singleplayer and did some other things. And today I came back hoping you would be updated, and you were! But someone came on with a character that had the exact name as mine, and deleted the pixel art region. banning them, and me. This letter was made so i could tell you that I am innocent and please un-ban me so I can continue to play on your epic server.

First of all sorry for the late response but i didnt get notified by email on these comments, but you could've posted this on my forums instead (ancientgods.forumotion.com).
The reason why i banned you is because i was checking out the pixelart section on the map only to find out someone had built a house inside Agumon (the gigantic orange thing), so i thought "mmmhm i thought there was a region here protecting all this stuff", so i went through the logfiles only to find out that you had deleted the "pixelart" region thus exposing pretty much every single pixelart to griefers (and yes some of them got indeed griefed), this gave me enough reason to ban you.

And how exactly did someone else log in on your account? And btw the region got deleted 16 december, that was before the 1.2.2 update.

Ok, so first of all I actually didn't do anything w/ the pixel art region. . . The 'log in w/ my account' was just a speculation. I have and always would behave on your server. I'm afraid the Pixel art thing wasn't me though. Like i stated, I wasn't on the previous day, and I would never do anything to hurt your server. I have been griefed and I would never do anything that allowed grief, weather I griefed or not. I am sorry if anything I have done before was mis-behavior, but like I said, I would never mean to. And . . . I loved the pixel art region, I would never hurt it. I love your server and everything it has in it. So, I am hoping you will believe me here and Un-ban me.. . . but I know it wasn't me. It also banned my brother from joining. But i'm not sure why. We have different Steam accounts. So even if you don't Un-ban me, My brother would like to join again perhaps. I hope you read this and understand my grief.

P.S. The reason this was so much later than your response is b/c I hadn't checked this forum in a wile, due to the face I had been on Minecraft more often.

Love the server & the staff. I'm also loving building and messing around with PvP on the server. :3 I highly recommend this server to anyone and everyone!
Great server! Great Server Owner and Tshock community member! Great work Ancientgods' :D

Thanks :D
This is so awesome server, and i love currect map

I love that anyone on can spawn themselves items w/o going to the chests.
This server is amazing and everyone should get on :D
amazing server im glad to be part of the staff here at ancientgods. its always friendly help whenever you need it come join in the fun guys have a laugh sit and chat.build.kill.the usual haha ^_^
Feel free to join my epicly awesome server! Lots of fun guaranteed!