Terraria 1.2.4

Posted on May 9th, 2014 05:51 AM EST
Terraria 1.2.4 has been released with lot of new features, new items, optimizations and tons of bug fixes.

In celebration of the update and the upcoming 3 year anniversary of Terraria, the game will be on sale for 75% off starting Friday and ending Sunday on Steam.

1.2.4 Changelog

Features and Mechanics:

  • You can now get quests from the Angler NPC for cool rewards. Each time you complete a quest, the rewards progressively get better.
  • You can now use critters as bait for fishing.
  • You can now ride around in style on the new Minecart system.
  • Beaches no longer feel so empty.
  • Truffle Worms now spawn in hardmode Mushroom biomes. Be wary using this bait near the Ocean.
  • You can now place weapons and tools on the craftable Weapon Rack. (Thank you Goryƍ for your suggestion!)
  • Added Smart Cursor. This can be toggled using control and has an interface option. Smart Cursor makes digging, chopping, placing, and breaking much faster and easier.
  • You can now craft stone letters and numbers with a Heavy Workbench.
  • Lihzahrd Powercells drop more commonly from enemies in the temple.
  • Rain is now red during a Blood Moon.
  • Updated Gemspark tiles to make the inner border complete.
  • You can now place coins to create Coin Piles. (Thanks Omnir!)
  • Added several new underground cave wall graphics.
  • Moss backgrounds have been updated with new textures.
  • Replaced grass graphics for when they are surrounded.
  • Grass is now killed when a player covers it in solid tiles.
  • You can now find shark statues in worldgen , they spawn sharks when there's enough space.
  • It is now much more likely that you will spawn on a flat clean surface when creating a new world.
  • Added some world gen cleanup to remove small segments of floating blocks.
  • Worms now spawn when breaking rock and dirt piles.
  • Grasshoppers can now be found when you cut grass.
  • Rainbow Bricks and Brick Walls now go through the entire spectrum.
  • Hives are now more common.
  • The Abeemination no longer requires Obsidian, Crisp Honey, or a Demon Altar to be crafted.

Pixel Piracy Crossover Content:

  • Falcon Blade.
  • Pirate Minions.
  • Placeable Sail “wall” sold by the Pirate NPC.
  • Placeable Pixel Piracy painting.
  • Ginger Beard vanity item.


  • There are now 22 new potions you can craft from fishing and/or shiverthorn related materials.
  • There are now 5 new mounts to help you traverse the terrain.
  • There are several new pets including the Mini Minotaur (Thank you Tobuscus)
  • You can now craft couches out of silk+material. (Thank you Eikester for the 20 you contributed)
  • Dressers and Pianos have all been given custom graphics. (Thank you Eikester)
  • You can now craft Grandfather Clocks out of more materials.
  • Over 100 new furniture items have been added to complete old furniture types.
  • Trees in the Ice Biome now drop Boreal Wood.
  • You can now craft furniture out of Boreal Wood.
  • Queen Bee,King Slime and Pirate Invasion now have larger loot tables.
  • There are 6 new summoner weapons.
  • There are now 2 new summoner armors.
  • You can now craft Molotov Cocktails out of Silk+Ale+Torch.
  • The underworld and Dungeons have more furniture from new world creation.
  • You can now craft Gemspark Walls.
  • You can now craft Tin Plating tiles and walls.
  • You can now craft Confetti tiles and walls.
  • You can now craft Midnight Confetti tiles and walls.
  • You can now craft Waterfall tiles.
  • You can now craft Lavafall tiles.
  • Living Fire Blocks now drop from enemies in hardmode Hell.
  • Updated Glass Wall item sprite.
  • Added fireworks box (wirable and placable , you can also use it by right clicking)
  • Added Firework Fountain.
New Music:

  • Underground Crimson

  • Wiring system runs at least three times faster. Longer wire systems get larger gains.
  • Improved multiplayer performance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where the last bucket of a stack wouldnt go into an available stack when used.
  • Fixed bug where buckets don't stack together by themselves when dropped in the world.
  • Fixed bug where Gemspark Blocks wouldn't merge well after being actuated.
  • Fixed bug where "The jungle grows restless" message would appear before you have beat all 3 Mech Bosses.
  • Improved readability of two of the guide's tips as per complaints.
  • Fixed bug where Truffles had a hole in his shop if you didn't meet a requirement.
  • Changed the Quick Heal to use the best fit healing item instead of the first.
  • Fixed a bug where only one wire attached to a Lever would work when you flipped it.
  • Fixed exploit where you could dupe pets with Bug Net in multiplayer.
  • Fixed bug where spawn rates would increase underground when a moon event is happening.
  • Fixed bug where Crimsand Blocks would attempt to enter ammo slots on pickup by themselves.
  • Fixed bug where Flask of Gold would apply Ichor debuff on enemies rather than Midas debuff.
  • Fixed the crash when a chest is placed above but not directly on a Boulder.
  • Fixed bug where Mana Crystals wouldn't immediately fill the new Mana Star they give when used.
  • Fixed bug where Well Fed granted 10% magic damage and no ranged damage by mistake (was most likely a typo , magic damage 5% twice , 1 of them near the ranged crit boost).
  • Rudolph no longer flies the moment he touches down if the jump button is held.
  • Fixed a bug where Rudolph could sometimes regain the ability to double jump while flying.
  • Dressers , Pianos and Tables no longer emit particles when struck - you're not breaking them.
  • Fixed a bug where Glass Walls were not drawing to the map properly.
  • Fixed a bug where the background was showing through some Stone Slab parts.
  • Fixed bugs with the sign / npc chat display again.
  • Fixed bug where tile wands did not consume items if you had high tile placement speed.
  • Fixed bug where breakable pots wouldn't drop life and mana when you weren't at your max if you had temporary increasers.
  • Fixed bug where other player's pets would disappear after a while (in multiplayer).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Minimap to crash the game.
  • Fireworks now show the wiring layout when selected.
  • Fixed bug where watches show 2 ':' marks when displaying time.
  • Wooden fence types now properly let the sunlight through.
  • Updated graphics for Chairs and Tall Torches to fix some issues.
  • Fixed a bug where bad item stack sizes could cause the game to crash when saving.
  • Fixed an alignment issue with Pearlwood Chandelier.
  • Actuated tiles no longer remove the water over them on world load.
  • Fixed bug where minions on multiplayer would disappear after a while.
  • Fixed a bug where buff tooltips were staying visible on the map screen.
  • Fixed the name for the Hoppin' Jack NPC.
  • Fixed issue where minions would not sync upon spawning them in multiplayer.
  • Fixed grammar issues with magic quiver tooltips.
  • Fixed issue where Death Sickle and Vampire Knives would not animate properly on other players in multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue where Scorpions worked with King Statue and Travelling Merchant did not.
  • Fixed the exploit where you could have infinite Hoverboard hovering time.
  • Invasion summon items will no longer be consumed if no invasion would happen using it.
  • Not destroying a Shadow Orb at all will no longer block Natural Pirate invasions.
  • Painted walls show up properly on the map.
  • Fixed issue where holding binoculars with mouse would still move your camera , making it annoying to move them to chests and the likes.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't dye the Flying Carpet accessory.
  • Fixed exploit where you could buy and sell stackable items for profit.
  • Fixed bug where glass would not let sun through properly.
  • Fixed bug where wings wouldn't work after getting out of water with Merman accessories equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where you would die on entering a world from fall damage.
  • Fixed exploit where you could duplicate buckets on Mannequins.
  • Purification Powder now says 'cleanses the evil' rather than 'cleanses the corruption' (to make it crimson compatible)
  • Fixed bug where magic missiles, drills and dirt rods would not function properly in reverse gravity.
  • Fixed bug where the player would float when standing between a downwards slope and a halftile.
  • Fixed bug where close dropped wires wouldn't merge with each other.

Source : http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/1-2-4-changelog.143548/
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