Terraria 1.2.2 and 50% off on Steam

Posted on December 20th, 2013 07:13 AM EST
Terraria 1.2.2 has been released yesterday and the game is 50% off on Steam until January 2nd.

Mechanics and Gameplay:

  • The content of presents have been altered and now contain more goodies. They are also now placeable and stack in your inventory.
  • Santa Claus now has a larger variety of Holiday related items that he will sell to you.
  • Frostmoon is a new event that can be triggered in hardmode. It has 15 standard waves as well as 5 extra bonus waves.
  • The Frostmoon is triggered by a Naughty Present. To make the Naughty Present you need 20 silk, 5 Ectoplasm, and 5 Souls of Fright.
  • There are several new pets as well as 1 new mount that will drop off one of the Frostmoon bosses.
  • Holiday themed wallpaper can now be purchased from the Painter.
  • Maximum player buff slots has been increased to 22.

New Music:

  • There is now an alternate to the underground theme.
  • There is a new track that will play during the Frostmoon.

Bug fixes:

  • Recording Pumpkin song no longer creates an Ankh.
  • NPCs now go to shelter during eclipses.
  • World gen no longer saves broken chest slots.
  • Increased the damage bonus of stealthing in Shroomite armor.
  • Items which regenerate health per hit now have a cap of 2 hearts per second.
  • Flame traps will no longer trigger healing from Spectre Armor.

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